I built my first classical guitar in 1975. As a student player I needed a better guitar but couldn’t afford the concert models on the market at the time.  Building my own seemed like a reasonable option.  What a great learning experience!  I loved the process of making wood sing.  Over the next few years I built several more classical guitars and refined my methods and designs.  During a 32 year career in human services, I stayed involved in instrument repair, restoration and construction.  Building concert quality classical guitars is now my only work and it brings me great joy.

My guitars are built with the finest seasoned woods.  The goal is always to create an instrument with concert power, projection, and balance with a pleasing voice.  Action, string length, and neck dimensions can be customized to a player’s specifications.


Great volume and projection.  Even balance between bass and treble.  The range of tonal colors and ease of play make these guitars ideal for performers at all levels.
                                                                                                                                     - Matthew Mischakoff

Standard Models Include:

  • Back and Sides - East Indian Rosewood
  • Sound board – Western Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, or European Spruce
  • Fingerboard – Ebony
  • Other woods are available by request and will affect pricing.
  • Sound ports can be added to any guitar for an additional $300.

See and Hear the Stebbins Guitar, then contact Bob today for a private consultation regarding
your new Stebbins Guitar.  It will become your favorite guitar pick!


419 490-4329

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